The Mission

The Special Operations Experience places you in a special operations mission from start to finish.

This three-day experience allows you to be recruited, trained and perform a special operations mission with combat veteran Green Berets and MARSOC Raiders.

The experience requires moderate physical ability, maximum mental concentration and a positive never quit attitude.

How do I attend a Special Operations Experience event?

To apply for the Special Operations Experience you will be required to complete an application. This information is necessary to ensure security and safety of all our guests.

• Submit completed application to
• Once the application is review an initial interview will be scheduled. The interview questions will pertain to personal and medical questions, to see if the Series-18 Program is for you.
• Signature on a Non-Disclosure Agreement and Liability Waiver
• Initial deposit is made to confirm event.
• Once the deposit is made, Series-18 will assign our SOF qualified Instructor to guide you through the individual preparation plan crafted for the adventure.


Answers to common questions below...

What is SOF?

Each of the United States Military Services has Special Operations Forces components. Special Operations Forces (SOF) are defined at those forces that are specifically organized, trained and equipped to conduct and support special operations. Members of SOF are the US Army Combat Action Group (formerly known as Delta), US. Army Special Forces (Green Berets), Army Rangers, MARSOC Raiders, Navy SEALS, and Air Force Special Operations.

Who will my instructors be?

The Special Operations Experience Instructor cadre is composed of US SOF Combat Veterans from both the US Army Special Forces “Green Berets” and the United States Marine Corps Raider Regiment (MARSOC Raiders). All are combat veterans who have been on multiple Special operations missions around the world.

Why should I attend?

The Special Operations Experience is a rare opportunity to see into the world of US Military Special Operations Forces by living it. Essentially each attendant enters a scenario similar to SOF trainings in real world missions. In this experience each participant enters a personal movie experience and will join a team that trains, plans and conducts a Special Forces Mission. Come and experience what SOF warriors have lived though, and participate in challenges few have any knowledge of, except for those who have served on SOF Detachments. This experience requires moderate physical ability but requires maximum mental participation and a never quit attitude.

What will I do?

Once assigned to an event each participant will experience firsthand what it is like to be on a Special Operations Team conducting a real-world mission. From the time you hit the ground till End Of Mission (EOM) will be very fast paced environment. You will be trained to perform every aspect of the mission on a team with other recruits and experienced combat veteran Green Berets and Marine Raiders. After training, each team will plan and rehearse the mission until it is ready to execute. Each mission uses training techniques, props and role players that special operations uses for total realism.

How much does this program cost?

The experience price for a Series-18 Event is $10,000 US Dollars.
* To secure your reservation we will require an initial deposit of $1,000 to lock your event dates.
* Deposits must be made by credit card payment, directly on our website at
* The remaining $9,000 payment will be due not later than 30 days prior to attendance.
Final payment may be made by check or credit card. Please mail checks to:

Series-18 740 Chestnut Street Manchester, NH 03104

* A 100% money back guarantee prior to 30 days before the state of the event less the deposit.
* After 30 days, your payment is non-refundable; however, Program Payment Insurance is available to receive a refund if you must cancel your attendance to the event. Program Payment Insurance is available for $125. Conditions include:
a. full refund 31+ days before the start of selected event
b. 75% refund 20-30 days before the start of selected event
c. 50% refund 2-19 days before the start of selected event

* Changing the event is based on extenuating circumstances, contingent upon alternate date availability.
* Date selections will be available once the deposit is received.
* Transportation costs will be individual’s responsibility
NOTE: Direct any questions to your Recruiter.

Can I get more information before I sign up?

Information is limited for the security of the program to protect the individuals who conduct these events, and for those who participate in them. All personal information provided to will remain secure and will not be released to third parties. Further program information will be provided to you by the Instructor during your Preparation Program which is designed to prepare you for the adventure!

Do I need anything during the event?

A packing list of recommended items will be provided during your Preparation Program prior to attending the Event. Food and lodging are provided.

Will I be safe during the event?

Series-18 Events are conducted on a secure site with SOF Professionals instructing and guiding you. While some of the subjects and materials may be hazardous, you will be living and working with our trained professionals who will supervise every aspect of your experience.

When can I attend an Event?




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