Not what I expected!

“When I first considered jumping into this training, I half expected we would be overseen by some macho bros who had a chip on their shoulder. What I experienced was, to the contrary, life changing. The Special Forces guys we trained with were accommodating, informative, and most of all very capable. The skills these men possess impressed me beyond all expectation. I found myself firing machine guns in a safe environment; repelling down a small cliff; learning battlefield first aid; and gaining knowhow on breaking out of restraints. However, the most exhilarating part of the experience was sitting down and getting to know these American Heroes. The men have been through more than I can imagine, and they share their experience both then and now (after battle) with sincerity and grace. They appeared to enjoy sharing all of this with us. There was also a really fun and exciting improvisation portion of the training, which I was looking forward too. We improvised with the military guys and other guests. The trainers really made us feel comfortable. I didn’t know what to expect on my way up to this training, but I can’t stop telling everyone what a valuable experience it was.”