Meet the Instructors


During his 15 Year Career as a Marine Officer, Art spent 7 years in the Special Operations Community.  He was assigned to Marine Special Command's 2nd Raider Battalion and the Raider Training Center. His time in service included several deployments worldwide, including two combat deployments to Iraq and two to Afghanistan.


Prior to joining Series 18, Brian spent over 20 years in the military, retiring in 2016.  Brian Spent 15 of his 20 years in the Special Operations Community, and was assigned to Marine Special Operations Command’s 2nd and 3rd Raider Battalions. Brian has deployed three times to Afghanistan, once to Iraq, and numerous other deployments globally.


As a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant (18B) and later as a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant (180A)), Chief Evock planned, executed and led conventional, unconventional and multinational combat operations, reconnaissance, intel gathering, high-value target acquisitions, and more in Central and South America, Iraq and Afghanistan during Gulf War I & II, OIF, OEF, and multiple anti-terror interdictions around the world.


Prior to joining Series 18, he spent over twenty-nine years in the military, retiring from the U.S. Army in 2016.  During his last twenty-five years, Rich was assigned to the 7th and 20th Special Forces Groups where he worked as a Medical Sergeant as well as Senior Operation Sergeant. He has deployed three times to Afghanistan and Iraq as well as numerous other deployments throughout the world.


Rick Henson served as a Special Forces Medical Sergeant for 7th Special Forces Group. Rick was a primary Instructor for Close Quarters Battle, Urban Operations, Hand to Hand Combat, Advanced Marksmanship, Medical Considerations of Assualters, Instructor for Explosive Breaching, and all other Methods of Entry. In 2004, Rick became Instructor for the Anti-Terrorism Training Detachment at Ft. Bragg, NC, where his duties included teaching both military and civilian student surveillance, counter surveillance, hostage survival, evasive driving techniques, vehicle dynamics, basic handgun skills, and extensive personal security measure.


Roger served as a Gunners Mate in the U.S. Navy before joining the U.S. Army Special Forces where he served as a Senior Weapons Sergeant (18B) and as a Senior Medical Sergeant  (18D). Roger deployed to Afghanistan as well as several other countries worldwide.  Roger is also the  founder and CEO of Ragged Edge Solutions, LLC.