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Our team of Green Berets and Marine Raiders have been deployed throughout the world, conducting missions that range from training a Foreign Military, secure their own country to working with a resistance movement to remove an oppressive government. Terms like Empathy, Rapport, Intercultural, Atmospherics, Emotional Intelligence, and Conflict Management were paramount in the development and implementation of diplomatic solutions in life or death situations. These lessons learned can provide your employees with beneficial techniques that are tested and proven by our elite special operations team.

Add Adventure Activities or Team Building Events into your Corporate Training.

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Adventure Activities

These activities were designed by our team, in order to provide an out of the box approach to team building. These events are designed to combine the team building approach, confidence builders and just simply time to enjoy themselves. Our team of Special Operators will oversee each event, to ensure each individual understands how to conduct the activity as well as be placed into a safe environment. The activities are specific to one of our three training sites.

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Team Building - 1-2-3 Day Courses

When a Special Operation team is dropped into the most remote and hostile environment, the number one factor is the ability of our operators to count on the team member to the left or right. Special Operation teams have proven a strong team in any environment can lead to success. Our team of Special Operations instructors will take your team through the most exciting and challenging team building events possible. From the beginning your team will be placed into the world of a Special Operations warrior. The team building lanes were created by our team to place the group into a fun and challenging environment.

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