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The US Army Special Forces are steeped in tradition, originating in 1942 with the First Special Service Force (a combined U.S. and Canadian unit) formed to conduct unconventional warfare in Nazi Occupied Norway.  Various units formed during and after WWII were formed to perform Unconventional Warfare around the globe including the Office of Strategic Services.   The 10th Special Forces Group led by Col. Aron Bank, was established in 1952 was the evolution of Unconventional Warfare concepts.   President Kennedy saw the true value of Special Forces and in 1961 authorized the distinctive headgear worn to this day, the Green Beret.   Their strategies, discipline and leadership skills have evolved over time to become what is now the most effective Special Operations Force in the world.  With less than 150 Special Forces on the ground we smashed the Taliban and liberated Afghanistan in a few short months.   The attributes, leadership skills, professionalism, teamwork and dedication that led to this astounding feat are what we are all about. Green Berets are a close-knit brethren who have shared common experiences from missions around the globe.


Series-18 was created by a concept late one night at a campfire as a small group of Green Berets decided that the Green Beret method could be used by corporations and individuals. This idea of training and leadership skills has been modeled after their own training and worldly experience. The company offers a wide range of customized training programs designed to impart leadership skills and the values of the Green Beret experience to civilian and business life.  


Series 18 seeks to transfer the unique methodology, strategy, organization, and techniques used by the Green Berets to the civilian world.  Headquartered in Nashua, NH, with satellite facilities in Virginia and North Carolina, Series 18 provides valuable methods and techniques utilized by Army Special Forces.    


The Series-18 programs bring the skill sets and modern-day experiences to your world. Whether you seek fun and adventure, personal growth and development, a unique team building experiences, or you simply want to hang out with some Green Berets you will find our programs to be a truly unique experience. Offered to individuals across a wide spectrum of the business world as well as for executives at all levels, the Series-18 programs, each led by a Special Forces instructor team, are held throughout the year at our facilities, and offered on-site at your location or destination, for private training and team building experiences.

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